ADA La Plata Sand 2L/8L


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      • White fine sand
      • La Plata sand does not affect the water values
      • Can be easily used in soft water layouts
      • The white bright-color grain with less than 3mm size stands out in a lighted aquarium. It is natural sand with natural color, suitable for cosmetic sand. It can also be used with Wabi-kusa and other purposes.

    • ADA La Plata Sand is natural sand that is perfect for the Nature Aquarium. The grain size is larger than the normal La Plata Sand. With different sizes of grains, La Plata Sand Big adds a natural feel to the layout just by placing it in an aquarium. Besides using La Plata Sand Big only, it can be mixed with normal La Plata Sand for a variety of layout expressions. La Plata Sand can be used for all aquariums, and for Wabi-Kusa layouts. This is truly beautiful sand that can be used to add an element of light and brightness to your aquarium.


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