Spotted Duboisi

Tropheus duboisi  (White-Spotted Cichlid)


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Tropheus duboisi, the white spotted cichlid, is a species of cichlid endemic to Lake Tanganyika. It can reach a length of 12 cm.

About Duboisi Duboisi cichlids prefer a water temperature that ranges from 72-82F, a KH that ranges from 10-20, and a pH that ranges from 7.8-9.0. Duboisi cichlids are mouthbrooders that require a larger colony in order to breed. There should be at least 6 females per male due to aggression. A male will pair off with a female and typically will spawn over a flat rock. The female will produce around 10 eggs per spawn and will carry those eggs for around 4 weeks until the fry hatch and grow a little. Fry will accept finely crushed up spirulina flake and baby brine shrimp.


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