Tropheus Bemba (Red Banded)

Tropheus Bemba


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Native to the shallow, rocky areas of Lake Tanganyikain Africa, the Tropheus Bemba Flame is another popular species of Tropheus found throughout the hobby. Much like other species of Tropheus, these fish are known for displaying some of the brightest colors of all the species found in the African rift lakes.

About Duboisi Duboisi cichlids prefer a water temperature that ranges from 72-82F, a KH that ranges from 10-20, and a pH that ranges from 7.8-9.0. Duboisi cichlids are mouthbrooders that require a larger colony in order to breed. There should be at least 6 females per male due to aggression. A male will pair off with a female and typically will spawn over a flat rock. The female will produce around 10 eggs per spawn and will carry those eggs for around 4 weeks until the fry hatch and grow a little. Fry will accept finely crushed up spirulina flake and baby brine shrimp.


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